Prayers for the people

18 February 2018

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 18, February, 2018
(First Sunday of Lent)
Prepared and led by Hope S. Antone

Sisters and brothers, on this first Sunday of Lent, let us claim the signs of God promise: the rainbow covenant with Noah, and the baptism of our Lord. Renewed by God’s promise, let us pray for the church, the world, and all who are in need. After I end each petition with, “Lord, through your promise,” please join me in saying, “hear our prayer.” 

Creator God, you are the source and giver of life and all gifts to sustain us. Yet we pretend to have control over our lives; and think that our accomplishment and success are due to our own work. We pray that, like Noah, we may trust you enough to fully put our lives in your hands, and be willing to answer your call. May we be today’s bearers of your promise and blessing, sharing it with others to bring hope in a broken and fearful world. Lord, through your promisehear our prayer.

Loving God, we pray for the world, which you created in interdependence and interconnectedness. Due to our neglect and abuse of your creation, we are now experiencing the effects of climate change, ecological destruction, and emergence of new diseases. We pray for those who are suffering from too much cold, or too much heat; those who need shelter and relief from natural disasters; and those afflicted by various ailments like the flu viruses. May they find healing and recover their health. Lord, through your promise, hear our prayer.

Healing God, we pray for those who are ill and in pain; for those who are sad and hurt; for those in hospital awaiting treatment; for those convalescing; and for those whose relief may come through death. May we offer support to those in trouble, encouragement to those in need, and strength to those in weakness. We remember those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones – e.g. Amie, Nelson and Amor, over the death of Saimon; Bonny’s family over the death of their grandfather. May they be comforted by the knowledge that their loved ones can find eternal rest. We also pray for the victims and families of the bus crash in Tai Po last week. May they experience your comfort during these sad and difficult times. Lord, through your promise, hear our prayer.

Almighty God, we pray for the nations, especially for those who govern or hold positions of authority and leadership. We pray for the newly elected President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa. Grant that he and other leaders of governments will not misuse their powers but respect and care for all people and the natural resources of their countries. We also pray for those who work to make their communities safe from violence; may you cover them with your protection from danger and harm. We pray for the victims of the recent school shooting in Florida; and the victims of gang violence in Brazil. May government officials learn to look into the root causes of these crimes and violence and address them seriously. Lord, through your promise, hear our prayer.

Faithful God, we pray for your church everywhere that those who have responded to your call as disciples will remain steadfast in faith and demonstrate in their lives the gospel of Christ Jesus. Help us to play our part through our prayers and by our gifts of money, time and service. Grant us courage when we find it hard to follow you. Give us a fresh vision that leads to action to serve you through your people. Lord, through your promise, hear our prayer.

Everlasting God, you showed us that your son Jesus was not freed from trials and temptations. Help us not to be ashamed of trials and temptations; but strengthen us so we will not be overcome by them or give in to them. May we choose the way of faithfulness rather than popularity; service rather than fame; and sacrifice rather than power. Lord, through your promisehear our prayer.

Eternal God, during the new lunar new year, may our wishes for one another transcend the temporal senses of good luck, good fortune, more wealth, success and prosperity. May it be tempered by our observance of Christ’s passion during this Lenten season, reminding us that our fasting should be mindful of those in our community who are hungry, thirsty and needy. Lord, through your promisehear our prayer.

Gracious God, we pray for the people and Christians in France, Germany and Monaco. May they overcome their fears, suspicions, and anti-immigrant sentiments as a result of the terrorist attacks. May their political leaders help to further the common good not only for their countries, but for Europe and the rest of world. Lord, through your promisehear our prayer.

17 December 2017

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 17 December, 2017
(Third Sunday of Advent)
Prepared and led by Hope S. Antone

With the joy of Advent in our hearts, let us bring our concerns to God and humbly ask for help in our needs. After each petition I will say, ‘Through Christ, the Light,’ then join me in saying, hear our prayer.  

Almighty God, you anointed prophets and leaders, and filled them with your spirit to bring good news to those who need it. May the leaders of nations listen to your word and become instruments of good news for the poor and the broken-hearted; bringing release for those illegally or wrongly imprisoned; and putting an end to violence and conflicts throughout the world. Through Christ, the Light, hear our prayer.

Holy God, you sent John the Baptist as a witness to the coming of your Son, the light of the world, and to prepare his way. Give your people today the wisdom to know this light, to see your purpose and to hear your will; that we may also witness to Christ’s coming and prepare his way. Through Christ, the Light, hear our prayer

Loving God, in view of International Migrants Day (December 18), we pray for safe migration of people, free from trafficking, force, and abuse. May migration be a choice, and that the human rights of migrants be respected at all costs. We pray for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers who are away from their homes; and for the Rohingya and all displaced peoples in need of status, safety, food and shelter, and proper treatment as human beings. Through Christ, the Light, hear our prayer.

Living God, while we appreciate the change in seasons, we remember those who are affected by the severe cold weather and heavy snow. We also remember those hit by mud slides in Chile, wild fires in California, earthquake in Java, typhoons in central Philippines. Through Christ, the Light, hear our prayer.

Healing and life-giving God, we remember those who are sick and undergoing treatment, those who are recovering, those preparing for surgery; and those caring for them. We lift up to you Rod Lam, Gaudence and Constant; Bishop and Mrs. Samuel, John LeMond and Fr. Naylor; and other people whose names we keep in our minds and hearts. Through Christ, the Light, hear our prayer.

Faithful God, we lift up to you the new members of Kowloon Union Church, received today through transfer or baptism: So Kit Ching, Bonny Lin, Cheryl Hui, Chris Wong, Christine Lui and Grace Law. May they grow in maturity in their love and faith for you and in service for Christ through your people. Through Christ, the Light, hear our prayer.

Merciful God, we pray for the people and churches of China, Hong Kong, and Macau, especially for those experiencing unemployment or underemployment; the marginalized groups such as the aged, disabled, single parent families, sexual minorities, ethnic, religious and political minorities. May government leaders learn to listen with empathy to the cries and clamor for justice and democracy; and deliberate on issues with the view of serving the least and the needy. Through Christ, the Light, hear our prayer.

Gracious God, bless churches all over the world with hope, peace, joy and love that their journeys through Advent will lead to a Christ-filled Christmas, freed from materialism and commercialism, and faithful to the real reason for the season. May our celebrations help all who join with us to prepare a place in their hearts and homes for you and your son Jesus. Through Christ, the Light, hear our prayer.

10 December 2017

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 10 December, 2017
Prepared and led by Rey Asis

Sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters, let us all come together and unite in prayer on this Second Sunday of Advent. For every petition I read, I shall say Through Christ Our Light, and join me in saying, “Hear Our Prayer.”

Let us pray.

O Lord of life, You created this world for us to share and enjoy. May we be worthy guardians of this garden, of this home we call earth and sow seeds of love towards nature and our brethren. During these times, however, many of us fall victim to devastation and war. We pray especially for the people of Southern California who are affected by the wildfire, the children in countries that have registered unsafe air pollution levels, and those ravaged by fire, earthquake and climate change. May they find immediate refuge and their governments take action to bring them to safety. Through Christ Our Light, Hear our Prayer. 

O Lord of Love, You have taught us love, compassion and justice. May we be vassals whose minds, hearts and hands work for the betterment of all, not just one, and show love to all, especially the least of our brothers. Today we commemorate International Human Rights Day yet many are in danger of having their rights stripped, and sadly a few have fallen. Please welcome to your kingdom Fr. Marcelino Paez and many victims of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines; guide Raza Khan of Pakistan and Jolovan Wham of Singapore and keep them from harm; and our African brothers and sisters whose lives and futures are in danger because of slavery. May you shine your light into the hearts and minds of our leaders, guide them to take the right path, safeguard justice and rights, and be protectors of all people. Through Christ Our Light, Hear Our Prayer. 

O Lord of Light, You are the flicker that warms our hearts in the cold and give us hope when we are in the dark. Please guide many of us who are going through hardships, when many of us feel alone or unwanted, when all the light despite all this light have been extinguished. There is life, love and light in You. Live in us as we hope to be faithful bearers and sharers of your life, love and light to others. We pray for Bonny Lin, Cheryl Hui, Chris Wong, Christine Lui and Grace Law who will be baptized in the church next Sunday. We also pray for our brothers and sisters who are unwell, who will go through surgery, and those who are recovering - we pray for Bruce, Gaudence, Bishop Samuel, John LeMond and Fr. Naylor. Through Christ Our Light, Hear Our Prayer.

In the Ecumical Prayer Cycle, we pray for Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

We pray for Hong Kong, may it always be a city where people can speak without fear, and love without apprehension. We pray for one another, please make them healthy, alive and inspired. We pray for our families, please keep them safe.

Continue shining Your Light upon us, O God. Be with us always as we hope and work toward being Your faithful servants, Your sharers of Your love, as Your sons and daughters who will make heaven on this earth for all. This we pray through Your Son, Jesus Christ, Our Light, Amen.

03 December 2017

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 3 December, 2017
First Sunday in Advent
Prepared and led by Phyllis Wong

Let us unite in one spirit to uplift our concerns and pray to God on this first Advent Sunday. After each petition I will say, “Through Christ, the Light” then join me in saying, “Hear our prayer.

God of love, it’s the season again, so as we offer our prayers may we be more attentive to Your Presence within and all around. May the Spirit of Advent remind us to slow down and become more awake to Your Kingdom of compassion, justice and peace. May the hope that is promised by God shine in everyone.  Through Christ, the Light:  Hear our prayer.

God of life, You are the source of everything and you care for all living creatures. Your wonderful and beautiful creation has been destroyed due to human greed. We pray for your healing and restoration of nature. We remember those whose lives and homes have been threatened by natural disasters. We pray for sisters and brothers in Bali who are currently under the threat of a major volcanic eruption. We pray for Your protection upon them. May the government take their best responsibility to keep their people safe and their homes secured. Through Christ, the Light: Hear our prayer.

God of transformation, we come to seek your empowerment to all women victims who have been abused and harassed at home, in work, in wars, in church and in society. We ask for your healing grace to friends, young and old, who have been suffering from HIV/AIDs and discrimination because of social prejudice. May you strengthen their hearts and give them courage to love and live a life with confidence and self-acceptance. We pray for a world in which all people are treated equally with respect and dignity.Through Christ, the Light: Hear our prayer.

God of peace, many lives have been shattered by violence and our world has been torn by division. We pray that your love dwell in those whose hearts are filled with hatred and sense of insecurity. Heal the wounded and restore humanity in all people who are created in your Holy image.  Bless your people in Egypt and other parts of the world that have been injured and threatened by terrorist attacks. We pray for peace and security in the Korean Peninsula. May the Prince of Peace set the political leaders free from aggression and guide them to resolve conflicts by peaceful and respectful dialogues. Through Christ, the Light: Hear our prayer.

God of solidarity, in the ecumenical cycle, we pray for the people and churches of Myanmar and Thailand. May the children especially the orphans, the ethnic minorities, the refugees especially the displaced Rohingya people in Myanmar are well attended. Pray for political stability and good governance in Thailand.  Through Christ, the Light: Hear our prayer.

God of justice, we pray for democracy in Hong Kong. May the civil rights of the people, especially the marginalized and the powerless be protected. We pray for the four Legco members who were unreasonably demanded to return up to HK$3.1 million each after the Court’s decision to disqualify them due to the oath taking controversy. May they be treated with justice and their service to HK be recognized. Through Christ, the Light: Hear our prayer.

God of community, may your caring spirit fill us in Kowloon Union Church as we pray for sisters and brothers who are ill and recovering from surgery. We uplift Bruce, Fr. Naylor, Constant, Bishop Samuel and John LeMond in your healing hands. May You bless and strengthen the sisters and brother who will be baptised later in this month. Through Christ, the Light: Hear our prayer.

As we begin the new church year, unite us all in You, God of Advent. Open our heart to wait for your promise. Strengthen our faith and keep us walk in Your way of hope, peace, joy and love. We pray for all these in the name of Jesus Christ, our saviour and liberator. Amen.