Prayers for the people

15 January 2017

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 15 January 2017
Jennifer Chan

Dear Lord Jesus we are called to surrender to you with our wounds and our brokenness and lift our ego into your hands. We pray that through the disciplines of prayer, worship and Sabbath that you transform our hearts to be more like you. We do this in the presence of our community, the people around us who are also disciples of you who build us up and encourage us in our down times and share joy in our happy times. Lord we pray especially for our KUC community. We all have our own problems but we have sisters and brother who share with us. Lord we pray that you’ll strengthen our community and give us a vision of a strong community that can be your presence in the world. Lord for our congregation we pray for those who are recovering from illness, especially for Brother Max, Saimon, Pastor Maggie. May God heal and restore their strength. We pray for Sandy Hung and her family as their beloved mother passed away. We pray that we’ll be able to share with her in her loss and be able to comfort her with our presence in the funeral. Lord we pray for KUC church leaders and our pastors and each of our members and we pray that we will continue to serve God’s mission and be faithful witnesses of Christ. For Hong Kong we have the upcoming election of the Chief Executive pray that you will grant wisdom to the newly elected CE and that this person will guide and empower the people of Hong Kong with hope. We continue to pray for the genuine democracy of Hong Kong people. We understand that there is still a lot of tension within the society and there are incidences of violence and attacks of people with different views. We pray that the violence will cease. For the world we pray for the continual changes in the US because of the change of leadership from Obama to Trump. We pray for the country and its people as they face the uncertainties of the new management. We pray that the people will continue to be strong and to act with courage when needed. Terrorism is still rampant in Afghanistan. We had a suicide attack followed by car bombing on Tuesday. We pray the injured be healed and those who lost their love ones be comforted. We prayed that peace to be restored in the country. In the ecumenical prayer cycle, we pray for the countries Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. We give thanks for the ancient cultures and religions that have been sustained in this area for millennium and those who continue to pursue peace in the midst of ethnic strife and terrorism in the area. We pray for women and others in these countries who are deprived of basic freedoms and human dignity. We pray for those who misuse or exploit religious identity for extremist political ends. We pray for the wise use of the benefits oil and other natural resources for the sake of all. In all these we pray Amen.