Prayers for the people

16 April 2013

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 14 April, 2013
Sunita Suna

God of Peace,
We come to you to seek peace as the escalating tension between North Korea, the United States and South Korea is a threat looming large over thousands of life on the earth in the wake of a nuclear warfare. We have learnt and have witnessed that war has brought destruction and have perpetuated violence against many innocent lives and the environment at large. God may your intervention change the minds of the leaders of these countries and may they be guided by your wisdom to give up these violent ideas of war and come for a genuine dialogue to resolve the conflict. God, may the leaders be humble to listen each other to respond to their conflicting issues in a more constructive way. May the international communities be active in their participation to restore peace in the Korean peninsula. God we pray and wish that  may the prophesy  of Isaiah be fulfilled that “they  will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, and nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.”

God of all Creation,
Help us to be more sensitive and responsible towards our environment and change the attitude of human beings to learn not to exploit the earth for profit, but feel liable to protect the earth and be the stewards to sustain this earth for the whole creation.

We thank you for the beauty of your diverse creation, but forgive us God as we have failed to appreciate and embrace the diversity. We remember the people in Myanmar where the sectarian violence is erupted and many innocent people especially the Muslim minorities are being killed. God we remember the Rohingya community and the Budhist communities in Myanmar, help them to understand that all are created by you, and let your wisdom guide them to change the extremist mindset and restore communal harmony in the region.  May you empower the people around the world to intervene for peace and security for the affected communities.

God of Compassion,
Console the bereaved families who have lost their dear ones during the recent earthquake in Iraq. May the survivors be comforted to overcome from the fear and traumatic experience. May all the workers be strengthened to  carry on to serve the injured  and rescue the trapped.
God the Protector,
The people in China and Hong Kong are worried as the bird flu is spreading and many have lost their lives due to the deadly flu. We remember the people who have lost their loved ones, and the doctors, nurses and all the health workers who are treating the affected people. Build up their strength and help us to support each other at a time like this and give us peace and courage in our heart and mind.

God of the poor
We remember all the dock workers, union leaders in Hong Kong who have been protesting for the last two weeks for a better pay. Give them the strength, courage and motivation to sustain their struggle for their rights. We also pray for the leaders in the companies, to come for a fair negotiation  to protect the rights, and dignity of the workers and that everyone gets a “decent” job.

God we pray for our congregation members and particularly remember Ken, his father, and Helen Tan - extend your healing touch to them and heal them from their illness. We also seek peace for the people who are unwell physically and spiritually.

God we thank you for the life and commitment of Rev. Joram Calimutan and we celebrate the joy with him for his ordination to serve you with devotion and fervour for justice and peace.

God we thank you for giving Hazel Man to the KUC community and seek your guidance, wisdom and strength as he begins the Peace Making Programme with KUC. We thank you for the service and commitment of Leslie for the initiatives to create an inclusive community in Hong Kong. We continue to uphold him in our prayers for his new endeavours.
In the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle, we pray for the people and churches of Japan, North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan. May all the Churches play significant role especially at this disturbing time to initiate peace process in the region.  

We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ our saviour and liberator. Amen.

08 April 2013

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 7 April, 2013
Robert Lam

Lord, we come to you this morning grateful for the beautiful day that you have given us, grateful that we are well and able to worship you together.

We remember at this time the deadly new strain of bird flu that is appearing in a number of cities in China  and a similar flu which breaks out in the Middle East.

It is at this time, Lord, that we realize how frail we are in the world and that we live and worship you only by your grace and providence.

Lord, help us to respect the world and the ecosystem that you have created for us, that we should not be wasteful of its resources, that the planting world, the sea and the creatures are each contributing and complementing to this ecosystem which is our home.

We pray for the doctors and nurses in China as they attend to the  sick because of this flu. Lord, we pray that they would treat their patients with care, love and respect. We ask that the doctors and researchers will be able to exactly pinpoint the source of the flu and be able to find the right medication for those who are infected. We pray also for those who are infected, particularly the farmers and the poor that they may find medical help early and that their loved ones will be able to properly care for them.

Here in Hongkong, we pray for the on-going discussions regarding universal suffrage and the selection process for the next Chief Executive in 2017. We give thanks for those in the community who through peaceful means are urging and influencing Government to respect the wishes and the aspirations of the people. Lord, bless and prosper their work.

Lord, we give you thanks for this heritage of the rule of law in Hongkong in dealing with issues on immigration and labour relations. Lord, we ask that you continue to give wisdom and integrity to our judges that they may exercise their best judgement to serve the community and to uphold justice and fairness to all.

Lord, we remember the family members of Kowloon Union Church who are not well, particularly, Ken, Ken's father and Helen Tan. We ask that you will be with them, that you will comfort them, and that you will heal them of their affliction.

In the ecumenical cycle of prayer, we remember this morning the people and churches of East Timor, Indonesia and the Philippines.

We pray for the rebuilding of a stable and independent government for this nation of East Timor. We pray for healing to this land after years of religious and political conflicts.

We pray for the Christians and churches in Indonesia. We thank you for the Christian churches that can worship freely in this predominately Muslim  country. May they continue to worship you freely and without fear.

We pray for the Philippines. We thank you for the continued economic improvement in the country. Lord, like Hongkong,  the bulk of the prosperity of the country is only with a few. We pray for those who continue to fight for the poor, for peace and justice in the Philippines. We also remember the strong presence of the Filipino community in all walks of life in Hongkong and the contribution that they make here. Lord, we ask that you continue to bless them in their work.

We pray all these in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.