Prayers for the people

27 May 2009

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 24 May, 2009
Sunita Suna

For The World

Dear God, as we pray for the world, today we specially remember Asia as we celebrate the Asia Sunday. We thank you with a grateful heart for your bounty creation of rich diversity, and uniqueness of people of this continent. God at the same time we seek your help and intervention as most of the Asian countries are in the midst of turmoil and violence.

We pray and believe that your intervention through the decision makers and the agents of human rights advocates would restore peace and justice to these countries:

We particularly pray for:

· The ethnic minority in Sri Lanka – 1000s have been either killed or being injured and are in the refugee camps, who were trapped in the ‘war zone’ - gruesome fight between the army and the LTTE and particularly remember Mr. Fernando and his family.
· The ongoing war between Pakistan military and Talibans and that it would resolve soon and the innocent civilians and their rights be protected.
· The pro democratic leaders and that the Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma will experience freedom and justice soon;
· The excluded community in India living in the abject poverty, that they will live a life with dignity . We also pray for the communal harmony in this pluralistic country.
· The migrant workers of Bangladesh, that they will get decent and dignified jobs within the country
· The human rights activist and the innocent people in the Philippines, that they will have an opportunity to enjoy their rights with dignity;
· And the Christian minority in Nepal, that they will live a fearless life as their lives are threatened by few Hindu fundamentalist group

For China/Hong Kong

God, we especially pray for China and Hong Kong. We uphold the political leaders in China – and we seek your wisdom and guidance for them to recognize the rights of the citizens by restoring true democracy in the country. We hope and pray that soon the Chinese government would recognize the human rights of its citizens and free the imprisoned human rights advocates soon.

God, we again pray for the political leaders of Hong Kong in the Leg Co – as they are in the process to take the decision on the ongoing concern of the statutory minimum wage in Hong Kong. God we believe that the leaders would respect and acknowledge every ones’ right to livelihood and your guidance would lead them to take a right decision which would protect the rights of all the workers including the foreign domestic workers.

For Our Congregation

God we pray for our congregation - the forthcoming AGM of KUC – a place for us to take collective decisions and to re affirm our mission and vision as a faith community for your ministry. Help us and guide us to take right decisions and strengthen us to sustain our ministries in the coming days. We pray to prepare the minds and hearts of the people to come forward to serve the KUC through the council and Trustees.

· We thank you God for the “Watchdog” project of the Church and we uphold the people who are involved in this project to fulfill its aims and objectives.
· We thank you for your healing touch to Rev. Tan during his eye operation and we continue to uphold Rev. Tan.
· In the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle, we pray for the people and churches of Botswana and Zimbabwe for their wellbeing.

We ask this prayer in the name of our lord, savior and liberator Jesus Christ – Amen.