Prayers for the people

28 March 2013

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 13 March, 2013
Lucia Wah

Dear Lord,
We thank you that we can live in Hong Kong where we can worship you and hear your word.  Please help us to be sensitive to others’ need and empower us to use our time and talents in services to you and to others.

Pray for the world:
We are concerned with the human rights situation in the Philippines. Lord, we pray for your comforting spirit to console the family of Cristina Morales Jose who was killed extrajudicially on March 4 near Davao. Cristina’s life was taken because she demanded food and other relief items for the victims of supertyphoon Pablo that struck Mindanao in December 2012.  Lord, we pray for your justice for Cristina and the thousands of others who have lost their lives through extrajudicial killings and disappearances for more than 10 years in the Philippines.  We pray that injustice and violence can be removed from the country.

We pray for the newly elected Pope Francis.  May he be a blessing to the church and the world.  Dear Lord, please give him wisdom, courage to address the dreadful issues of child sexual abuse and gender inequalities evident within the church.

We remember China under new leadership. May the leaders strive to develop a more accountable government with new mind-set and courage to combat corruption and abuse of power in different levels of governance. 

Pray for Our Congregation
Dear Lord, please watch over our congregation, young and old, who are either unwell physically or spiritually.  We remember Helen Tan, Ken Ho and James Paul.  We pray that Helen can be discharged from hospital as soon as her condition is stable.  We pray for Ken’s speedy recovery after his second bone operation last Friday. We pray for your presence with and healing to James Paul who will undergo stomach operation this Monday morning.  Dear Lord, please heal them, comfort them, and give them peace amid their physical pain and weakness.
We pray for your care to those who are busy with public examination and work. We especially remember those who need to travel a lot overseas. May the Lord protect
them from every danger and strengthen their faith in times of trial.

Pray for the ecumenical cycle:
We pray for the churches and people in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Lord, please  guide the churches in these countries and strengthen the faith of people in you.  Relieve them of their fears and fill their hearts with joy and thanksgiving in the journey with you.