Prayers for the people

11 September 2016

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 11 September, 2016
Timothy Chan

During this week’s Ecumenical Prayer Cycle, Christians everywhere are invited to pray for the people and churches of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Merciful God, we come to you with burdens and needs of the world. Before that, we pray that we can be merciful, so we would not be tired of praying for the world. We pray that our church would continue to pray for our world, the creation, our home, our city, and the people around us. Let our church be a place to offer you prayer for the hopeless and the brokenhearted.

Lord, 15 years ago, two planes crushed into the World Trade Center in New York, thousands of people died because this terrorist attack. Hatred then spread around like plague, bombs and gunfire were brought to different countries. Countless people’s life were being taken. Today we still see terrorist attack in different part of the world. Lord, we would not know when will all these revenges stop, but we would not stop praying for the people who are suffering.

We pray that your peace would be upon them, to replace war with peace, to replace terror with joy, to replace hatred with love. This week, we particularly pray for Afghanistan, where multiple bombings and terrorist attacks were taken place in this week. May stability be restored, and the offending groups be held responsible.

Lord, we also pray for those countries which are experiencing political unrest, including Brazil, the Philippines, we pray that you would work among different groups, may them follow a peaceful way to solve the conflicts and tension in their country instead of violence. May different voices be heard, and the government would be able to respond to the people’s need.

Creator God, the world is shocked by the North Korea nuclear bomb test yesterday. It is threatening the environment and the people living in the surrounding area. It brings a huge diplomatic challenges to nearby countries. We pray that leaders from different countries would have the wisdom to deal with the issue.

Lord, may you watch over our city, Hong Kong. May you strengthen your people here in Hong Kong, to withstand different threats from different powers, including the government and developers. We pray for courage to uphold the value we cherish and you may inspire us to stand in solidarity, so that we can face a new wave of threat together.

Lord, out of our selfish interest, we have tainted the earth that you have entrusted to us. May you forgive our sin, as we pray for the wide spreading Zika disease. We pray for your healing grace, may you limit the damage it would cause to humankind and stop the disease from spreading.

Lord we also pray for those who are ill or recovering from illness at home or in hospital and for all who care for them. We remember Pastor Maggie, Rev Kwok, brothers Tobias and Saimon, and sister Surryya.

Lord we pray for our church, for our congregation, may you continue to bless those who volunteer to serve in the church, in different committees and support groups. So that we may glorify you and witness your love, and build a church which people can find You through our service.

Lord, may our church continue to pray as one, as we bring so many prayer requests to you, you have already taught us how to pray, by saying the Lord ’s Prayer. Our Father in Heaven…..

04 September 2016

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 4 September, 2016
Rey Asis

Lord God, Master of life, light and love.

We honor and praise you. You created the heaven and earth, light and darkness, You are the source of life and we live for you.

We thank you for loving us guiding us in our daily life. We thank you for our families, our friends, and our congregation. We thank you for giving us the freedom to choose. We thank you for being there for us, especially for the least of our brothers and sisters.

Forgive us o Lord when we sometimes choose to falter, when we choose darkness over light, when we only think of ourselves at the expense of others.

Dwell in our hearts and our spirits, Lord God. You are the light that can transform the darkness, heal the sick, mend the broken and fill those who are empty –

You were there when many of our brothers and sisters from Eritrea and Somalia were saved from the dangerous waters and welcomed to safe Italian grounds by Italian coastguards and people.

You were there when talks to achieve just peace in Colombia and the Philippines are progressing.

We thank you Lord God. You are indeed present in these positive events.

As we thank you, we also pray for our brothers and sisters who have succumbed to disease in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, those who died and have been injured in the bombings in Mogadishu, Somalia, Davao, Philippines and Bishkek, Kyrgyztan.

Please welcome them to your kingdom and may you shed light on the leaders and peoples of these countries as they work together to achieve just peace.

We also pray for your guidance as many of us will participate in today’s elections in Hong Kong. May it be concluded without event and reflect what truly is in the hearts of the people.

We pray for safety, good health and prosperity of all, most especially for our brothers Saimon and Tobias, our sister Ms. Maggie, and everyone who is going through challenging times right now, may it be physical, emotional or spiritual. Please be with them at all times.

We also include in our prayer the people and churches of Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Lord God, may we be lanterns that house your light and love. Dwell in us as we aim to be your loyal and faithful disciples.

You truly are magnificent, Lord God. We praise you now and always. We offer and raise our prayers and wishes to you. And that in all that we do, may your name be always Glorified.

This we pray through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.