Prayers for the people

14 September 2014

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 14 September, 2014
Sunita Suna

Prayer: God of life,  Creator of the universe.  You dispelled chaos and brought harmony and serenity during the creation.  We come to you as we witness and experience a chaotic world with hatred and violence. We bring our sorrows, worries and concerns to you as the  escalating tension in  Middle East region, particularly the Israeli assault on Gaza  has torn apart the communities and  people. 

In this 13th anniversary of 911, we remember the victims, and the huge tragedy that religious bigotry and hatred can bring; and we are concerned with the rising tension in the Middle East today. May God transform the sorrow to love, the division to unity and the hatred to peace. May your intervention through global political leaders,  peace agents  and communities bring healing and reconciliation between the Christian and Islamic world.

Prayer: It is  heartbreaking  to know that more than 450 people including babies have lost their lives  by the most devastating floods in Jammu & Kashmir of India and  in Pakistan. Even if, It is difficult to console the bereaved families,  grant them the much needed support, strength and hopes  oh God of life, to rebuild their lives again. We uphold and pray for the rescue and relief agencies  of the government and the NGOs  that they may have the energy, courage and determination to save as many vulnerable people they can.   Help us God to promote and practice the good stewardship role to take care of your creation, to avoid such human induced disasters due to over exploitation of the earth  by us human beings.

Prayer: We continue to pray for the genuine democracy in Hong Kong.  There are growing concerns over the emerging tension between the governmental authorities and the general public over  the issue of universal suffrage. God you work in the hearts and minds of both the parties to come to the table for a peaceful talk to bring equality, freedom, justice and peace in HK.  As the general public are planning to express their dissent by protests, help that this will be in a peaceful manner. 

Prayer: God we pray for the Student and Teachers community, especially the children who have begun their new school term for a fruitful learning. We uphold the teachers who are contributing their knowledge and wisdom to create a better society.

Prayer: We pray for Saimon, Amore, A’Bong and Amy for their speedy recover from their illness, provide them strength, hope , healthy body and spirit.

Prayer: God we remember the workers, volunteers and service users of Bethune House. As they celebrate their anniversary, may you grant them more courage, solidarity and hopes to continue their work for justice and peace for  the migrant workers.

Prayer: God we thank you for your continued blessing, guidance to the people of KUC for the last 90 years “being church” . As we are preparing to celebrate the 90th anniversary,  continue to lead us and strengthen us to work towards our vision for justice and peace in our communities, society and world . Help us to remain  a unique  Church, continuing  play a prophetic role in our society. Thank you God for the people who are committed in rendering their service for the ministries of KUC.  Bless  us in our  celebration  planned to gather as a faith community  for the thanksgiving service next Sunday.

Prayer: We join the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle to pray for the people and churches of Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania. May your continued blessing be upon the faith communities of these Churches to witness you to the world through their works and deeds.

We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, our redeemer - Amen.