Prayers for the people

22 September 2013

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 22 September, 2013
Lucia Wah

Dear Triune God,

We are grateful that you have shown your grace in everything you created, especially in we humankind. We thank you for placing us in Hong Kong where we can have the freedom to worship you, praise you and to serve you.

We now pray for the World
·  Please make the world a place of peace and justice. Though we have September 21 designated as the International Day of Peace by the United Nations, however, civil wars, political upheaval and social conflicts in many parts of the world are infesting, nowhere more so than in the Middle East and North Africa. Millions of lives have been killed, injured and homes destroyed.  God, we cry to you for peace and for your intervention to end the ravages done on numerous lives and valuable constructions...
·  We pray for Syria and Iran : God please give wisdom and resolution  to those in power so that they can work out solutions for peace and for the benefit of their people.
·  God, please remember millions of people being displaced and seeking refuge because of civil wars and political uprising in Middle East countries . We pray that you help the international communities in their relief work to free people from violence and to enhance live with human dignity.
·  We remember the 13 victims being shot in the latest eruption of gun violence in Chicago. We pray that Obama’s ambitious gun control measure can be given green light by the US Congress .God please comforts the families and friends who lost their beloved ones and please heal the injured.
·  We heard about the gun shots in Nairobi, Kenya, God, please protect the innocent and settle the disputes between Kenya and Sudan and let your justice be done in these nations.

For China and Hong Kong
·  Super typhoon Usagi is roaring towards Hong Kong, posing severe threat to the city. God please protect lives and properties of people in the areas where Usagi has ravaged, especially the vulnerable who are homeless and whose homes are not secure.
·  We pray that employers of migrant domestic workers in HK can treat their helpers with kindness and respect:  We hope the abused Indonesian helper, Kartika, as soon as she returns home, can recover from her trauma she suffered in Hong Kong.  We are glad that justice can be upheld in such case. 
·  We remember the controversies in ways of Chief Executive nomination in Hong Kong. May the government launch as soon as possible public consultation on the modules of nomination, that allow openness, transparency and full participation of citizens so that Hong Kong may turn to a democratic era.

For Our Congregation
·  We pray for the children and the young who enter a new school year. May God guide and bless them a fruitful and joyful learning life. 
·  Our young friend Saimon is also remembered in our prayer as his operation has been postponed. May God keep him and his family in peace and utmost care while waiting for a new schedule.

In the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle,
We pray for the people and churches in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. God please strengthen your children and bless their work for you, uphold their faith in you and protect them from danger. Through them, let your light be shone before people there.