Prayers for the people

14 July 2008

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 6 July, 2008

Peter Leung

Let us pray.

Dear Almighty God, we give you thanks & praise for giving us a beautiful day to worship you.
We pray for the people, brothers and sisters suffered from the food crisis all over the world; may God please help these people, gave them the blessing and relief these people who are suffer from hungry and difficulties.

Father, we also pray for the people who are still suffering from the horror caused by the earthquake in China, & the typhoon, which just hit Philippine last month, & the people in Myanmar. May God please comfort them.

We pray for the political unrest & violence in Mongolia after the election, may God protect the innocent and help the Society to be restored to peace and order.

Father, we specially pray for the road safety and people suffered from fatal bus crashes incident. May God granted the wisdom to our government for reviewing the regulation on road safety.

Dear God, we pray for our congregation and may God please provide a good weather and take care of the safety of the workers during the maintenance and repair work on our Church in this Summer.

Father we pray for our Sunday school, may God please give your guidance for our kids and grant them wisdom.

In our Ecumenical prayer cycle, we pray for the people and Churches of Colombia, Ecuador & Venezuela.

May God your love be with us, Amen.

02 July 2008

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 22 June, 2008

Bruce Van Voorhis

We lift up to you today, Lord, our brothers and sisters in southern China, the Philippines and the United States who have recently been affected by the serious floods that have inundated their areas, and we continue to pray for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Sichuan and other parts of the mainland. We ask for your comforting love to touch those who have lost family members and to heal those who have been injured and traumatized. We pray that their immediate needs will be taken care of promptly and that they can begin to rebuild their lives soon.

We lift up to you today, Lord, our brothers and sisters in Burma who have suffered from the cyclone and the fatally flawed response of their government that has created more deaths and hardship. Like our brother and sisters in China, the Philippines and the United States, we pray for those grieving for the loss of their loved ones and for those hurt physically, emotionally and psychologically by their tragic experience.

We lift up to you today, Lord, our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe who are suffering, not from a natural disaster, but from a manmade calamity—a repressive and corrupt political system whose leader has not yet satisfied his appetite for power. We pray for an end to the crackdown on members of the opposition, for their rights to be respected and for a democratic and just political system to emerge from the present political chaos.

We lift up to you today, Lord, our brothers and sisters in Iraq, Afghanistan and Darfur who have endured years of war and have lived in fear. We pray that your peace will descend on these lands, that your wisdom will guide the decisions that need to be made to end the violence.

We lift up to you today, Lord, our brothers and sisters throughout the world who cannot afford to eat because of ever increasing food and oil prices. We pray that the world’s leaders will hear your compassionate voice and take steps to ensure that no one is malnourished, that no one dies of hunger.

We lift up to you today, Lord, our brothers and sisters in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay who others around the world are praying for this day as well. We pray that they will know your love and kindness, that their leaders will hear the cries of those who live in poverty, of those who wrestle with the uncertainties of youth, of those who struggle with the burdens of old age, of those who dwell in the silence of loneliness.

Lastly, we lift up to you today, Lord, our brothers and sisters here in our Christian community at Kowloon Union Church. We especially remember the Strong family today—John, Kim and Ben. We give thanks for their contributions over the years to our church family and for their work in mainland China. We pray for their safe journey back to the United States and for your love and wisdom to guide them in the next chapter of their lives. We also give thanks today for our African brothers who regularly share their spirits and gifts with us through music. As the international community has just observed the annual commemoration of World Refugee Day on June 20, we again ask for your love and wisdom to direct our small efforts to meet the needs of the asylum-seekers and refugees in our midst while they are with us. We pray though that they will soon receive the good news they have been waiting for so long, the good news that they can soon begin a new and secure life in another land. We pray as well for our sister Hannah and ask that she will soon recover from the pains she is experiencing.

We now pause in silence to share with you the joys and anxieties in our hearts (silence). Amen.