Prayers for the people

04 May 2014

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 4 May, 2014
Robert Lam

Gracious and Merciful Lord:

We give thanks for this day and the days of holiday this week, a time of rest from work.

We pray this morning together with many churches in the world in the ecumenical cycle of prayers for Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda.

We pray for Sudan. We give thanks to the witness and the work of Christian  churches and those who work to make peace agreements that benefit the Sudanese people. We pray before you the surge in corruption, the abuse of public funds amidst growing poverty among the population. We thank you for those in the community who are bringing these corruption issues out in the open.

We pray for South Sudan and the four months old civil war that has resulted in the displacement of a million people and the killing of thousands of civilians. We remember this country and ask for your mercy and love to the people and the possible famine as the displaced farmers cannot plant their crops in this planting season.

We pray for Uganda and the new laws which have just been enacted criminalising homosexuality. We pray for the sexual minority in the land who live in fear. We pray for Ugandan churches as the division  caused by this law. We ask for your wisdom and pray for Christian unity between brothers and sisters of Christ.

We pray for the world and the escalating tensions within Ukraine. We pray for wisdom and guidance to the Ukrainian government and the efforts of all who endeavour to bring peace and order to this country. We pray for peaceful election in finding a new government.

We pray for China as we remember the May 4th movement about a hundred years ago. We continue to give thanks to those who have given up their careers, those who are prepared to spend their lives in prison  in exposing the corruption, the inequality and the lack of justice on the Chinese government.

We pray for Hong Kong and the completion of the consultation process on constitutional reform. May  you grant wisdom to the community and to the government in arriving at a satisfactory arrangement on the nomination of the future Chief Executive.

Here in KUC, we thank you for the sanctuary being granted the highest grading for heritage building. We continue to give thanks to your blessing to this church. We pray for the church council and for all those who serve in this council.  We ask for your wisdom and guidance in the stewardship of the church premises.

We pray all these in the name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ,