Prayers for the people

07 December 2010

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 28 November, 2010

Benny Tjhang

Father, we come to you in prayer this morning, praying for this increasingly troubled world. We see people in many countries angry and protesting against the unjust austerity measures imposed upon them, by governments that are unduly influenced by the banks and big business. Where profits are pocketed by the too-big-to-fails while the losses are foisted onto the people. It is no surprise to see the anger and frustrations overflowing in the streets of Europe.

We pray for the more than 42 million Americans who are dependent on food stamps for sustenance, and for the expanding ranks of the unemployed in that country; Please help these people in their desperation, as they struggle to feed their families, and hold on to their homes and dignity. For those already living in the tent cities, may they find sturdier shelter before the onset of winter.

This is a time that is defined by economic crisis, and we also see money gyrating wildly and losing value rapidly, increasing the hardship experienced by people everywhere. There is no corner on the face of the earth which is not blighted by want and poverty. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is wider than ever before. Just as in the days of Joseph in Egypt, money is failing and the lean years have arrived. Please give us the wisdom and fortitude to overcome and remain watchful in the face of the growing storm.

Dear God, please come and settle the disputes of many peoples as in the book of Isaiah we just read, and let them beat their swords into plowshares. Let there be no more provocations and overt acts of belligerence between the two Koreas. And we continue to pray for all those who are affected by the ravages of war the world over, seemingly with no end to the conflicts in sight. We pray for the promise of your peace fervently, as we witness the confluence of many evils. We know not what purpose they serve, but we remain firm in the belief that you are sovereign. Please guide us both individually and as a church, as to how we must respond to the harrowing challenges of our time.

At KUC, we continue to pray for those who cannot worship with us today for whatever reason. And we pray for those who are unwell among us, like Rev. Tan and Dr. Helen Tan. Please bring them comfort and strength as they recover. In the Ecumenical prayer cycle we pray for the people and churches of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

In Your Mighty Name we pray, Amen.