Prayers for the people

07 October 2018

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 7 October, 2018
Prepared and led by Robert Lam

Dear Lord:

At this World Communion Sunday, we come to you with grateful and humble hearts, thanking you for your gift of the Bread and Wine, symbol of your great love and sacrifice for us.

Help us to look beyond ourselves and the church to the Great Body of believers worshipping you in different parts of the world today: in beautiful cathedrals or in simple and basic shelters; worshipping you freely and openly or in confined and difficult situations. You are present in each and all of these locations and situations.

Help us also to strive for the Unity of the Faith, recognizing that you have given different gifts and discernment. Lord we live in a very polarized world, each with their different understanding and interpretation of the Word, different focus to the work of the church and their role as salt and light in this fallen world.

We thank you for Kowloon Union Church, for this special ministry of welcoming and reaching out to believers of different nationalities and cultures, and different faith experience; the ministry of reaching out to the marginalized and the forgotten, firmly believing that we are all One in Christ, that the ‘differentness’ is the beauty and gift of your creation.

We pray for the world:

For the immense loss of lives and properties due to the earthquake and the subsequent tsunamis in Sulawesi, particularly at Palu and Donggala. We pray for the many lives lost and for those whose bodies are yet to be found. We pray that you give strength to the communities in rebuilding infrastructure and for the livelihood of the people devastated by this natural disaster.

We pray for the victims of sexual abuse and assaults in the workplace, in church and at home. We pray for your healing, particularly those who have come forward to relive these painful experience so that community and Government can bring the perpetrators to justice.

We pray for China:
We pray for wisdom for this government in handling the trade war and the people and industries affected and as China adjusts to fairer trade practices.

We pray for the people living under curtailed freedom of expression, freedom to information and freedom to dissent on the injustices in the system. We give thanks to the release of Liu Xia and we continue to pray for those who are in prison because their crime is to speak out against the injustices in the system.

We pray for Hong Kong:
We pray for the unfair and unjust refusal to the renewal of visa to a moderator at the Foreign Correspondents Club, for the singling out of an individual to warn dissenters who speak out against or differently to Government policies.

We pray for the forthcoming Policy Address and pray that Government will allocate more funding and resources for the elderly, the poor and the marginalized.

We pray all these in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,