Prayers for the people

17 November 2013

Prayer of Intercession
Sunday, 17 November, 2013
Jan Larvaag

Dear God
We thank you for this congregation. We thank you for each and every person. We thank you for all those who come here every week, whether they are visiting or are members. We thank you for all those who help out, for the volunteers and for the staff. We thank you for your presence here in KUC, and we thank you for your grace and blessings and peaceful thoughts for us. We thank you that you sent your only son, Jesus Christ, to die for us and re-establish what was broken, so we again can have relationship with you.

This Sunday we especially want to pray for those in this congregation that are sick and unwell. We continue to remember our seniors Helen Tan, Bishop and Mrs Samuel, our brother Saimon and his family, Kar Yu and Ken, as well as our brother Bruce. We put them in your hands God, and pray for you to take care of them, help them, lead them and provide them with strength, energy and joy.

God, we also want to pray for this world, and especially our hearts go to the people in the Philippines that have been hurt and affected by the big typhoon. We pray for all those who have lost their loved ones, who have been hurt, who have been made homeless and who are overwhelmed by all that has happened. We pray for you to comfort them, to help them and provide for them with what they need. We also pray for the emergency relief workers as they rescue victims and rebuild homes. Give them strength, courage, wisdom and lead them to know how they best can help. We pray for the national and international organizations, that you help them cooperate and work effectively to provide effective and good assistance and support. We also pray that you give the leaders of the Philippines a heart to care for their people, with wise leaders that work for a more righteous and peaceful society.

Lord, we pray for the Chinese government. In the wake of the Chinese Communist Party’s Third Plenum, we pray that the leadership will follow through with enlightened policies, including progress on political reforms and rule of law.

God, we pray for our Christian brothers and sisters all over the world that are suffering because of your name. Be with all those who are persecuted, tortured, mistreated, violated against and experience darkness, devastation and hopelessness. Let them feel cared for, experience comfort, peace and fellowship by Christians all around the world that pray for them and think about them. Let them be able to hold on to the great hope we have in you Jesus, that one day all sadness and sorrow will be gone, and all will be restored to righteousness, peace and joy. We pray for all people in this world that experience war, unrighteousness, poverty, disasters, accidents, disease, darkness, depression, anxiety, despair and other hardships. Be close to them. Let them feel your love. Let them see light in the darkness. Let them feel your presence, and let them experience care and love by other human beings.

God, as part of the Universal Church, this week we pray for Cameroon, The Central African Republic and Equatorial Guinea. We thank you for the rainforest and its gift of oxygen, so the world can breathe. We thank you for the mission schools providing learning and hope for students and communities. We also  thank you for all those who have the courage to fight corruption in these countries. We thank you for putting a glimpse of eternity in people’s hearts, so they know what is right and what is wrong.
We pray you for political stability and freedom for the people in all of these countries.
We pray for those suffering from HIV and AIDS, and those who lack adequate health care.

We remember those living at a subsistence level, and those who lack clean water and enough food. Father, we pray that they will be provided for. We also pray fo monkeys and other animals that are threatened with extinction due to the destruction of their habitat. Give wisdom and power to government leaders, local people and NGO’s to know how to protect them.

In Jesus name, we pray.